About Us

EMC HYDRAULIC is serving to many different sectors with its wide product range. Common and heavy construction, mining and industrial purposed onboard equipments, automotive, food and energy sectors are main service areas.

Today EMC HYDRAULIC is an innovative company under the same name.  Its success is rising on the basics of entrepreneurship, flexibility , technical knowledge and close relationship with employees.

After 10 years of experience and sectoral knowledge, our company has launched into its commercial life as EMC HYDRAULIC and gave speed to hydraulic and pneumatic components manufacturing against evolving market requirements.

EMC HYDRAULIC produce hydraulic piston pump, PTO, hydraulic valve in mass and gave a start to the production of gear pump,  pneumatic valve and auxiliary hydraulic parts.  EMC HYDRAULIC has become a well known company with its continuously developing capacity and quality.  Beside of its market share in Turkish local market, it has a regular marketing and export to Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America, Australia and Russia.